Selling iPad with celluar and wifi

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by Hayleym1989, Feb 18, 2014.

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    I am going to pay off my current iPad contact with Vodafone. They give me an allowance of Internet data but the iPad also has wifi.

    If I was to pay off the contract would I still be able to sell the iPad due to the SIM card still being in the iPad? Or would the buyer have to purchase a new SIM card due to the sim
    Card being cut off?

    Hope I explained as well as possible

    Thank you
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    Welcome to iPadForums. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Please also take the time to peruse the forum rules here and abide by them as you post throughout the forum.

    You shouldn't have an issue with selling the device. Just make sure you completely remove iCloud from the device. Data iPads (from the iPad 3 and newer) have SIM slots for both GSM and CDMA networks (the iPad 2 differentiates in its build between a CDMA and GSM network, one has a SIM slot, one does not have a SIM slot), so the buyer can take the SIM out, and insert their own SIM, plug it into iTunes (probably don't even need this step) and it's ready to use. It's best for the buyer to purchase their own SIM cards so there aren't any conflicts in ownership/carrier-end related data which can be a pain in the neck at times. A SIM card for tablets are usually free if there's an existing contract. If not, it runs about $5, nothing significant.

    Just make sure that you differentiate which type of band your iPad supports (GSM or CDMA) when selling it.

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