Second-Gen iPad Coming Early 2011?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 17, 2010.

By Maura on Sep 17, 2010 at 8:14 AM
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    AppleInsider reports today that according to Taiwanese paper DigiTimes, Apple's overseas component suppliers are getting ready for the launch of the second-generation iPad in early 2011. The DigiTimes article actually went as far as to name some of the component suppliers who it said would be involved in the making of the next-gen iPad, listing the likes of TPK Touch Solutions, WinTek, Cando, and Cimel Innolux.

    We've been hearing similar rumours for quite some time of course, although with a release date by the end of this year usually, but what makes these rumours different is that AppleInsider says that the new iPad won't have a 7-inch screen as widely predicted, but will actually have the same size screen as the current iPad, which is 9.7 inches. Makes you wonder why they would actually bother coming out with a newer model so soon if it's going to be the same size? One reason could be Apple's desire to get FaceTime functionality added to all its iOS devices as soon as possible, according to AppleInsider. They say that a reliable source has told them that an iPad with a forward-facing camera is currently being tested by Apple, so maybe that will be the main addition to the rumoured new model in 2011.

    Source: AppleInsider


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 17, 2010.

    1. iPadCharlie
      See... this is how rumors get started!
    2. King Hal
      King Hal
      It's known as marketing I believe. A new model is designed to keep the sales curve pointing upwards rather than downwards. But hey, maybe I'm wrong and Apple just wants to dick us around.
    3. SweetPoison
      So you think it is true?
    4. iPadCharlie
      Believe me... Uncle Steve will have another one of his HUGE press conferences when it happens. Obviously they are expecting a gigantic bump in sales for Christmas now that it has been announced that all BestBuy stores will carry the iPad and it also looks like Target will be selling them as well (but that is also just a rumor at this point). That being the case, I just can't see where they would want to upset (and that's putting it politely!) all those millions of iPad owners who had just bought a 1st generation iPad.

      The Apple marketing folks are pretty sharp when it comes to the timing of new hardware releases and putting out a 2nd generation mobile device so soon after it's initial release just doesn't fit their pattern... IMHO!
    5. IpadOwner
      If a newer model was to come out in the Ipad, I'm not sure what could be updated on them, as the current one has everything we would all want on a tablet computer. Apple's newer models never seem to be much different to the previous models in the product anyway to me.
    6. Prasius

      The next iPad is going to be released in line with Apples normal product life cycle, is going to have the same size screen with the additional support for face time which is apples attempt at the next big thing?

      Excuse me for not being shocked.
    7. Demandarin
      You know what would be cool, in a perfect world? Lol. If apple let all us 1st generation owners trade ours in for the new model. Damn, i juss bought this not too long ago n already another one. Wayy too soon. Apple is slick as hell. They could have easily just released this new model coming out the first time around. Always nickel n dimen people. They use same strategy with iphones. The 3gs coulda been released first then iphone 4. Nahh, they want to keep releasing models missing standard features just to release on a so calle, new model....lmfao
    8. Prasius

      There will always be something bigger and better. All Computer companies change their ranges every year, why should apple be any different.
    9. Demandarin
      True but dang, Ipad barely 6months old n already about to release a so called new model. Which aint even new for The major add on will be the cam. Which they could have released the first time around. Yes, i know its smart on they part of making money but its killing the consumers pockets. Pretty soon people gonna get tired of it and jump ship. Look at the samsung galaxy tab. It has everything on first release. Only prob may be the pricing. Apple could have took a quick loss to gain in the long run and satisfy consumer. This is what sony did with the playstation 3. Greatesr selling system of all time. Sony took a loss on the hardware side but eventually gained it back thru software sales.
      I never ever liked apple b4 until i got my ipad. I seriously think other os fans exagerrate its flaws. But now im seeing how im apple nickel n dimes you. Lol

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