Seagate GoFlex wifi Satellite external hard drive

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    Update on the GoFlex Satellite.

    I have this device now for ten days. I have loaded all my multi-media files onto the GoFlex--very easy. I have learned how to encode a dvd thru Handbrake and then onto the GoFlex drive. The encoding (or ripping) of dvd's is a long, slow process. I have not done a full encoding of a dvd because Handbrake estimated a 5.45 hours to complete this process. This seems a lot of time. Plus the 14 minute segment I encoded created a 280Mg file! I can easily see why putting movies on an iPad would quickly consume the iPad's storage space.

    The wifi signal this GoFlex creates is pretty strong. It allows you internet access if you are using its services and there is wifi available at your location. You have to be on the GoFlex's wifi first and then thru the app, you can enable the other wifi signal to be accessible to you. You can get out of the GoFlex app and onto this forum, for example. Because of this ability, you have to password protect your GoFlex as everyone else will have access to your GoFlex content. The GoFlex seems to act as a wifi signal booster for the existing building wifi. I have wifi at home. When I access my internet at the opposite end of the house, the signal is one bar weaker. But having the GoFlex on, my reception is improved.

    The GoFlex battery play time is five hours. I've been getting five hours but it just seems paltry when you compare it to the iPad's battery play time. I have found that if I'm particularly interested in saving the GoFlex's battery play time, I can pull the file into my iPad's 'local' storage and then look at that file from the iPad and not access the GoFlex. Then when I'm finished with it on the iPad, I can delete my 'local' copy but the original will remain on my GoFlex drive.

    This is a very good device for use on the road or where you have limited external resources. You have to plan for it. If you have migrated all of your cd's and dvd's to a local hard drive attached to a PC/Mac, then when you get ready to travel, spend a little bit of time copying your multi-media from your PC to the GoFlex. If you have to burn dvd's or cd's then spend a couple of days encoding your source onto your PC/Mac and then copy to the GoFlex. When I am at home, the GoFlex stays off--it doesn't add to my iPad experience.

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