Scott Pilgrim Comic App Comes to iPad

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    With Scott Pilgrim mania about to overtake the nation and the world, due to the upcoming release of the awesome and epic-looking live-action movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, out in the US on August 13th, it’s no surprise to see an app released in Scott’s honour, but thankfully it’s not some tacky movie tie-in, it’s actually a comic book app that features the six graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley that the film is based on.

    The Scott Pilgrim iPad/iPhone app is free to download, with the first chapter of Volume One included. After that though, the remaining volumes are available as in-app purchases for $6.99 each, with the exception of the last book, Scott Pilgrim’s Final Hour, which will set you back $11.99.

    The app itself is beautifully put together, having been built around Comixology’s app, MacWorld reports. It uses movement, sound and vibration to enhance your reading experience, and also contains previously unseen material from the Scott Pilgrim universe, hidden within the comic’s pages.

    The app also gives fans the chance to pick their favourite Scott Pilgrim character and use them as their avatar, as well as posting their secret-finding achievements to Facebook and Twitter. If you want to find out what all the Scott Pilgrim fuss is about, then why not check out the source first before seeing the movie?

    Source: iTunes, MacWorld

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