Scams, bad apps and ripoffs.

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    Even bought an app which has left you ready to scream?

    Do your screaming here, but read this leader very carefully first.

    This thread is to warn other users about apps which DO NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED. Paid apps only, or free apps with in-app purchases that are not fit for the intended purpose.

    Give us the name of the app, the market in which you bought it and the price paid. Follow this with your specific complaint. if you wish to discuss a post, make sure you quote it do that it is obvious which app is being discussed.

    Although this is predominantly for the app store, Cydia apps can be discussed here too, but I'm not jail broken so I don't know much about it. iPhone and iPod apps may also be discussed.

    Please stick to the rules here so we can build this into a resource for unwary app buyers everywhere.

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