Say What You See HD Tops the Trivia App Charts

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    It’s going to be interesting to see this holiday season how many families are gathering around their iPads for game nights rather than playing the more traditional board games or cards. Expect to see lots of family games emerging over the next few weeks, such as Big Ideas Digital’s Say What You See: The Collection HD, which managed to top the Trivia app charts on the App Store in both the US and the UK just days after it was released. The puzzle game asks players to spot movie titles hidden in HD oil paintings, and features 3 downloadable HD iCanvases available at launch, including the all-new 80’s Movies canvas, with a new free-to-play 10-puzzle iCanvas released every month. In addition, 40 new puzzles will also be available for each iCanvas as in-app purchases.

    More than just a straight port of the iPhone game, the iPad app offers Say What You See as it was meant to be seen and played, with the iCanvases appearing at twice the resolution of the iPhone/iPod touch iCanvases, and with several new features exclusive to the iPad version.

    For starters, the iPad version will have early access to new iCanvases, meaning that iPad owners will get them before anyone else. They’ll also be treated to a new iPad-exclusive Artist’s Audio Commentary with every iCanvas, from the iCanvas artist, Amie Bollissian.

    You can download the game for $2.99/£1.79/€2.39 here: Say What You See: The Collection HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: Big Ideas Digital

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