Save 25% on Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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    Square Enix has some great news today for fans of quality RPG games, with the announcement that it is dropping the price of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King on iOS by 25% until September 4.

    This means that the game will now cost €13.99/£10.49, rather than the usual €17.99/£13.99. There are no in-app purchases, so you can rest assured this is the full amount you’ll be playing for the entirety of your time spent playing the game.

    And while that’s still a little pricey, as per most Square Enix iOS games, it has to be said that it is quite a remarkable feat that they have managed to squeeze pretty much everything bar the voice acting of this classic console RPG onto the iOS platform.

    Dragon Quest VIII was the first in the series to be in full 3D, and went on to sell 4.9 million copies worldwide prior to its launch on iOS.

    The iOS version lets players explore the vast grassy fields, snow-capped mountains, dungeons and seas. You can also slide your screens to pan the camera a full 360 degrees around the characters. The original score, orchestrated by Koichi Sugiyama is also featured in all its glory. So don’t waste the chance to snap up a classic game for a (sort of) bargain price!

    Click here to download the game from the App Store:

    Source: Square Enix

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