Salvaged ipad 1 wifi problems

Discussion in 'iPad DIY' started by Ryanmatt10, May 30, 2013.

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    Hi I recently purchased a broken ipad 1 off Craigslist for $20. The only good parts left on the ipad were the logic board, speakers and power volume cables along with the battery. The back housing had been bent and was unable to hold a digitizer and the dock connector had been completely destroyed looked like someone broke the internal pins with a screwdriver. So I bought a new back housing and digitizer along with the dock cable. I did a tear down of the ipad and reassembled it with all the new and good parts. The two wifi pieces seemed to be in ok condition so I decided to just use them in the reassembly. When I finished the ipad turned on and it worked. Then after a few hours the wifi started to become spotty and unreliable. As the days went on the wifi would work less and less to the point where it no longer worked at all. So I bought a new wifi flex cable and wifi antenna and installed them. Once I did that the ipad said it had no wifi at all and kept saying it needed to be activated by plugging it into iTunes. I finally waited a few hours and somehow got wifi access, my ipad was able to scan for networks and after a few tries I was able to join into my Internet and download cydia. I had Internet for the rest of that day and haven't gotten it back since. I still sometimes get a activation required sign on the ipad which makes me restore it to factory settings every once in a while. I do not think it is a total loss since it was working fine without wifi before i opened it up a second time. My question is what could be wrong with the ipad? Is there a way to properly activate the wifi on the ipad after being tore down? And any other help or tips would be great thanks.

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