Russian hackers use an iPad to remotely drive a car

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    You think cars that drive themselves are the stuff you’d find in Science Fiction books? Not if you’re based in Russia, apparently. A group of so called Russian hackers have come up with a neat trick that allows them to control a dilapidated Opel Vectra car via an iPad.

    One of the participants has filmed the whole event and has posted it alongside a few notes on his blog, which was taken up and translated by Red Hot Russia. The Opel they used was quite old, as it dated back to 1990 and according to the participants, was “almost dead and rotten inside†but nevertheless, managed to still move.

    The team first named their vehicle, t​​he James Bond car, as they got their inspiration from the “Tomorrow Never Dies†movie. If you have watched the movie, you might remember that the secret agent tricks some villains by making them chase after a car he was remotely controlling via a cell phone. It’s unknown why the team decided to change the name to Opel Virta in the end.

    The Russians are using an older third generation iPad to control their car, but the tests were limited due to the extreme low temperatures. Once summer kicks in, the team promises a whole host of more comprehensive tests. So far, they have done two test drives, one which fared out quite bad, while the other turned out ok but still no real action was involved. For their upcoming experiments, the team got permission from the Tula driving school to use their tracks.

    Source: RedHotRussia
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    Cool! Makes for a great snow plow.

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