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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by midsister, Nov 10, 2013.

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    I had my first Ipad for three years, 64 gig, wifi.. G3. I had AT&T service and never went over my two gigs. I don't stream movie, but will look a clips that people post to Facebook. I just bought the latest version Ipad from Sprint. Not knowing the Ipad Air was coming in two weeks. My Sprint data plan is $15.00 for two gigs. This was one reason I went with Sprint. 2 gigs with AT&T was $25.00. In three years i had never gone over my 2 gigs. I don't stream movies. I have poor WiFi in my very large home so often have 3G on.
    In only ten days i had used my new 2 gigs with Sprint. I called to increase to three gigs, guess what? No 3 gig program.. 4 gig for $39.95 and 6 gig for $49.95. Needless to say i am hacked! sprint the company that offers free unlimited data for life on my phone, wants another $40-50 bucks a month to my already $200 monthly plan. I have find how to get something that will extend my wifi back to my office from the far away kitchen. It seems Sprint is calculating my usage in a different way. Perhaps as the 3 G is searching.. It is using mgs all that time. It seems it searches alot.
    But my question today is..
    This ipad is very hot to the touch in the back. I have it in a Zagg keyboard case, but had it in another case last week and it was still very hot. Why? Do I need to return it?
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    No, you don't need to return it. Whenever an electronic such as an iPad or laptop becomes very hot, it means that you have used it very much at one time. Nothing wrong there at all. It happens a lot.

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