"Run Fatty Run" article on Kotaku

Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by Stormz, Jul 2, 2012.

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    This is looking to be a brilliant game released soon, and the story behind it is amazing.... parents lose jobs when gaming industry collapsed here, move to the middle of nowhere to save money, very young daughter says fat people should be chased by tigers... and a game idea was born! So they slave away for however long working on it, and now their lives are resting on it being successful... I hope it's half as good as it look.

    "Set adrift like a modern day Swiss Family Robinson, Jason and Nicole Stark left the Australian games industry on mission together. They took their four children, they packed their bags and set sail to Noosa, Queensland. They gave themselves one single year to create a successful iOS game. This is their story: the story of a family and the video game they built together."

    I posted links but as I'm new, had to delete them. If anyone else would like to add the link from Kotaku, and also to the game itself at Disparity games, that would be appreciated. Can't wait to buy this game.

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