Rumour: 9.7-Inch iPad Pro 2 to Launch Next Week

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 15, 2017.

By Maura on Mar 15, 2017 at 11:36 AM
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    9.7 inch iPad Pro 2 to launch next week according to rumour.JPG

    9to5 Mac reports today on yet more iPad Pro release rumours, with news from MacOtakara that Apple is about to announce a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 as soon as next week, making it the first Apple product announcement of 2017.

    According to MacOtakara’s source, the second version of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro will be a very minor update without any design changes, but with the new A10X chip to ensure improved CPU and graphics performance.

    The fact that this is a small enough product upgrade to only warrant an announcement from Apple via press release rather than a full-scale event could actually clear up some of the confusion surrounding recent rumours, with some saying Apple will be announcing next week, and some saying later. It may well be that this minor announcement of a 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 will be happening next week via press release, and the other new iPad Pro models will be announced at a special event in April.

    Source: New 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 reported to be minor upgrade over current model, feature A10X chip


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 15, 2017.

    1. Thomas1977
      Wow. I bet that will be a expensive iPad. 9.7 screen is a pretty hefty size for a tablet.
    2. J. A.
      J. A.
      Most of the iPads Apple released had that size, beginning with the original iPad (1st generation) in 2010. The smaller iPad Pro is 9.7 as well. So the expected size of the iPad Pro 2 isn't really something extraordinary.
    3. giradman
      Thomas - you make me laugh at times - suggest doing some research before you post; as stated by Johanna, the original iPad from 2010 was 9.7" (now that is the diagonal) - that size iPad Pro interests me (similar to my iPad Air 2) - faster chip but the link did not mention the RAM; I'd get 128 GB storage; NOW, what is more interesting is an announcement about the 10.5" display which takes the screen to the edges but is apparently of similar size? IF you want a BIG iPad, then consider the 12.9" display - not for me since I usually carry my thin & light 13" MBAir 'on the road' - Dave :)
    4. metalcyclone
      I think I'm gonna go for the 10.5 instead of this... but it does sound like a nice piece of tech with the A10X and everything. My reason is that if the 10.5 is the same footprint as the 9.7 with slimmer bezels then why not get more bang for your buck?
    5. giradman
      Agree completely - more screen 'real estate' w/ basically the same size - I'll wait until it's release and compare RAM differences (if not the same) and pricing - of course, the one consideration for me since this is a 'new' model release relative to changing the display is early reliability? First time adopters can be stung - if and when released, I'd probably still wait a month or more to see what the reviews might be. Dave :)
    6. metalcyclone
      And yes, the 10.5 will obviously be more expensive but I don't upgrade my iPad that often so that's how I justify it...

    7. giradman
      Well, same here - iPad 2 in 2011 & iPad Air 2 in late 2014, so 3 years on the latter would be fine w/ me - :) Dave
    8. metalcyclone
      That's a good point about early reliability... I was trying not to think about that cause I really wanted to get the 10.5 on day 1 or close to it, but that is a factor... maybe I will wait for reviews if I can muster the patience. I've been reading rumors about this tablet since last August, I think it was, and I've been waiting patiently since then so I'm looking forward to finding out the full details soon! Right now I use an iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro 12.9 but a 10.5" flagship Pro sounds like a tempting in-between that could possibly replace both. We'll see what happens hopefully in the next couple weeks or so...

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