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rooCASE (4-Pack) Anti-Glare and HD Screen Protector*On Sale-$6.99 Shipped-Ends 11/20*

Discussion in 'iPAD MINI Accessories' started by rooCASE, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Sep 19, 2012
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    4-Pack - Anti-Glare Matte (x2) and HD Invisible (x2) Screen Protectors

    Our screen protector bundle comes with a total of four: two Anti-Glare Matte and two HD Invisible screen protectors. We use high quality 3-layer PET film imported from Japan. The Anti-glare film is finger print resistant, scratch free, UV resistant, and reduces glare by 50%. The HD Invisible film is also finger print resistant, scratch free, and has a clarity of 99% which makes it virtually invisible after application. The self-adhering film attaches itself to the screen without any adhesive and leaves no residue after application.

    **Special Promotion: $6.99 shipped! Promotion ends November 20th, 2012.**

    • Price: $4.99 + $2.00 Shipping = $6.99 Shipped

    • Model Name: Screen Protectors

    • rooCASE products come with
    Lifetime Warranty

    Click here
    to purchase from Amazon.

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