Rollercoaster Extreme HD Out Now for iPad

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    [ame=]YouTube - Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme[/ame]​

    Fishlabs in cooperation with Dare has today released the HD iPad version of its hit Barclaycard-sponsored iPhone game, Rollercoaster Extreme. Just like the iPhone version, the iPad game is free to download, and a lot of fun to play, sending players on a high-speed ride on eight different courses through the concrete canyons of the Big Apple, New York City. During the ride against the clock, objects placed at the edge of the course can be collected with a wave of the arm (not recommended on a real rollercoaster!). In contrast, the player must keep their arms firmly tucked in and duck when they approach one of the many obstacles that they’ll also find placed above their heads as they hurtle round the track.

    Aside from the noticeable increase in the iPad HD version's amazing graphics, which you’d fully expect, the new version of the game adds multiplayer functionality via Bluetooth, with the winner being the first one to cross the finish line. In the multiplayer Ghost Racing mode, players who make the most skilful use of the boost and finish with the highest time bonus will be added to the world leaderboards. The ability to race against your ghost in single-player mode has also been added, as an incentive to improve your own score. iPhone owners will also be able to benefit from these new features as part of a free update for their version of the game.

    You can download the game for free from the App Store by clicking here.

    Source: Fishlabs Entertainment
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    I can see a LOT of puking happening here from the motion sickness induced ppl. LOL!!!!!

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