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    Hi there!

    We just release our new iPad app named Rhythm Guitar.
    Features of this app:
    - Realistic guitar sounds (distortion – enable).
    - Realistic sound volume (faster strumming generates louder sound).
    - Strumming, plucking and chunking.
    - Three playable guitar types: Accoustic Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar and Accoustic Steel String Guitar.
    - Maximum two fingers are needed to play chord.
    - Tune up or down to two half steps.
    - Playing guitar with chord display.
    - Create your own chord.
    - Chord Finder (Find chord on the net and save it in your chord library, includes webpage to text auto-format feature).
    - Set chord timer.
    - Associated with iPad music library.
    - Adjustable sound volume for each guitar and background music.
    - Learn and practice your favorite songs from wherever you are.

    Please watch the introduction video on:
    YouTube - ‪Rhythm Guitar for iPad - Hey Soul Sister (Train Cover Sabrina)‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Rhythm Guitar - iPad App - Introduction‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Rhythm Guitar for iPad - Stand By Me (Oasis)‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Rhythm Guitar for iPad - Baby (Justin Bieber Cover Sabrina Accoustic)‬‏

    Please become our fans on: Rhythm Guitar - iPad App | Facebook

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