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    New here, so I thought I would contribute with a review of my latest find. I am not affiliated in any way with LAPoliceGear, Hazard4, Maxpedition or Apple.

    I have been looking for a product just like this for a while and finally found it at a company called Hazard4

    (Hazard 4 - Launch_Pad Ipad Mil-Spec Sleeve Page)

    I ride my motorcycle everywhere possible. I don't have saddlebags so I have to come up with other solutions to carry gear. For the most part, I use Maxpedition sling bags to carry camera gear and whatever else I need for a day trip/commuting etc.

    I also have a Maxpedition Manta which is a sling-style molle platform that you can use to attach a wide variety of molle pouches, packs and gear to. This LaunchPad sleeve looked like just what I wanted to securely transport my iPad.

    I ordered on on 5/4/11 from LA Police Gear (LA Police Gear 5.11 Tactical, Galco, Maxpedition, Converse, Bates, Danner, Surefire and Blackhawk) and got it today, 5/7/11.

    This is the pouch front [​IMG]

    Pouch rear [​IMG]

    Open [​IMG]

    Inside material closeup, very soft, microfiber quilting. [​IMG]

    Reinforced Velcro Closure [​IMG]

    Maxpedition Manta that I will be attaching it to [​IMG]

    Closer [​IMG]

    Here is the sleeve attached (gives you a good idea of the Manta size) I used two of the 5-slot attachment slides

    like the one I left on top as an example [​IMG]

    I got my wife to model it for me... she is quite a bit shorter and slimmer than me, so it hangs pretty low on her:



    The other two pouches attached are just accessory pouches I used to hold my iPhone, sunglasses keys etc.

    I am very pleased with the construction and fit of the sleeve. It is very rugged and looks like it will last a long time.

    The fit of the ipad inside the sleeve is a bit snug so if you have a bulky case on your iPad, it may not work for you.

    All in all, I think it is very well made and definitely worth the money!

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