Revamped Version of R.B.I. Baseball Gets Released on the iPhone and iPad

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    These days, more and more old games are being reworked and ported to mobile platforms, banking on the nostalgia of current iPhone and iPad owners. One such example is R.B.I. Baseball 14, a modernized version of R.B.I. Baseball, a baseball video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System which was developed by Namco and originally released in 1986.

    The games comes with all 30 MLB teams and 480 current MLB players and lets you play entire 9 inning games in under 20 minutes. It comes with easy-to-use classic controls, two buttons to manage gameplay and player characteristics based on real stats. You can unlock special retro jerseys by completing custom team challenges in season mode. You can play with the Brooklyn Dodgers, the classic style Twins and Padres, and even the Cincinnati “Big Red Machine†uniforms.

    However, despite being created in 2014, the game maintains its classic feel. Players can enjoy Postseason and Exhibition modes and each team has three jerseys including home, road and alternate. R.B.I. Baseball 14 will work on the Pad 3, 4, Air, and Mini; iPhone 4S, 5, 5c, and 5s; and iPod Touch 5th Gen. You can get the full game, with no in-app purchases from iTunes for a price of $4.99.

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    Cool to see this but the reviews are mixed and the game seems to need work. I'll wait a bit before trying it.

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