Retina iPad Mini to Launch This Year

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 13, 2013.

By Maura on Aug 13, 2013 at 12:48 PM
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    According to a news story on Bloomberg, as reported on by BGR, Apple is set to launch a second-gen iPad mini with Retina display later this year. Bloomberg says that Apple will announce both the iPad mini and a new full-sized iPad towards the end of the year. According to BGR, the fifth-gen full-sized iPad will be completely redesigned, as well as much thinner, and will more closely resemble the iPad mini. Bloomberg does not have any firm date as to when Apple might release these two new iPads, but it does say that it will definitely not be during Apple’s September 10 event, which will be dedicated solely to announcing the two new iPhones that Apple is about to release. Bloomberg says that Apple is looking to launch so many new products towards the end of the year in order to tempt consumers with a refreshed line of all of its best-selling products in time for the holiday shopping season.

    Source: iPad 5 Release Date Later This Fall, Retina iPad mini Coming | BGR


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 13, 2013.

    1. Gabriel1
      Shhhhh......don't tell Skimonkey.......

      The Archangel
    2. MoonlitSonata
      Exactly what I was waiting to hear!
    3. teddyhoney
      well ,this news makes no big sense for me cos i've got a new ipad3...
    4. leelai
      Lol.....she will still be happy with hers!

      But then again......;)
    5. skimonkey
      (((sigh)))...I had a feeling of this. That's ok though, I may just give my mom my iPad mini and then get the new iPad mini for myself!! I think that's fair!! :)
    6. Ipad Now
      Ipad Now
      Sounds fair to me ;-)
    7. epb
      Cool! I've been waiting for this - I usually carry my Kindle Fire on my motorcycle since it fits in my jacket pocket, but if the Mini will fit and has a Retina screen and (possibly) the option of 128GB of storage...
    8. giradman
      Hi Carol - don't tell my wife about the 'retina' display - she's quite happy w/ her new Mini and I don't want to tell her that 'reading' would be likely easier w/ the new display (found that out when I purchased a 13" MBP w/ retina display in the spring of this year - i.e. I can SEE the small letters!) - ;) Dave
    9. skimonkey
      I's all so exciting these possibilities that are coming out as we get closer to a formal announcement. (Hopefully soon!) Anyways, the retina display sounds wonderful, but I am really interested in the other changes to the hardware. Currently have an iPad 2 and would love to upgrade to something that is a little more current when the time comes. :) ...all I know, is my mom will be happy when she gets a mini if it is the new one or the original! :)

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