Retina iPad Mini sales have caught up with the original iPad Mini

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    Earlier this week we were reporting that the iPhone 5s is selling better than any previous iPhone, according to usage data provided by Fiksu, a company which tracks iOS usage through its SDK. Now, the same company is releasing new data according to which, sales of iPad Mini 2 with Retina display have caught up or even surpassed already those of the original iPad Mini. First discovered by Chuck Jones from Forbes, here's a breakdown of the provided iPad Mini usage data:

    According to Fiksu's graph, the Retina mini was at 0.38% on Monday, last week, but by now it has probably surpassed the procentage that the iPad Mini has had last year. Fiksu also provides data related to the iPad Air performance vs the iPad 4, but this is probably not news for many, as it is known how popular the "iPad 5" really is:

    If you were in luck, then you probably bought the iPad Mini 2 or the original iPad Mini at a very good price for Black Friday as there were great deals at Target, Best Buy, Staples and Walmart. Let us know by leaving your comment below.

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