Retaining "Documents and Data" from Deleted Apps

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    I have a 3rd generation iPad (16GB). I'm looking for a solution to the following storage problem.

    Most of of the high-storage apps I have are games. Usually I delete these after I finish them in order to free up space, but doing so also removes my save-data. As far as I know, this data then disappears from iCloud during the subsequent backup.

    My goal is to be able to transfer save-data for specific games off of my iPad before deleting them. Then, if I wish to re-download the games later on, I will have the save-data ready to copy back onto the device. That would enable me to pick up where I left off. If I can accomplish this, then I can delete storage hungry apps (Infinity Blade, MacGuffin's Curse) without losing the time invested in them.

    I'm surprised Apple does not make this easy to manage by default, but maybe they want you to purchase the 64GB model as a workaround instead of allowing you to retain save data. I'm sure other iPad owners have figured out how to manage their save files - can anyone help? I tried Diskaid (no luck) and iExplorer (file transfers only appear to go one way).

    Tips and recommendations greatly appreciated. :)

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