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    If I want to sell my Ipad and buy a new one, how do I reset to plant status the one I will sell, and how do I transfer my Itunes account to the new Ipad?
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    It's easy enough to reset the iPad to default factory settings.

    Go into settings and tap general, and right at the bottom you will see the Reset options, you can either just delete all data which removes all personal info but leaves all installed apps in place, or you can reset fully, and put it everything back to it's factory default. So the user will have to set up language and country options ect. from scratch..

    Your current iPad should have all your current installs in a library on your hard-drive. On a new iPad it's just a case of running iTunes, which will recognise your new iPad, it will also prompt you... asking whether you want to install from your previous backup from your previous iPad or install as a new iPad. Only difference is, if you install as a new iPad it will still use the same library where all your previous files are kept, but you will likely have to click on the 'Device' my iPad or whatever it's called and manually tick the items you want synced back up, generally people just click the 'All' option, for each.. Apps, films, book, music.. etc. then just let it sync everthing again and your done.
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