Reputed Designer Marc Newson Joins Apple’s Design Team, Ive's Good Friend

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    For the past few months, Apple has hired quite a number of new pundits to join the team. While most of the latest hires seem to be pointing out to a new product, which is said to be the iWatch, some of the new employees will probably focus also on the upcoming iPhones and iPads, as well as other products from Apple's line-up.

    Marc Newson has joined Apple’s design team under Jony Ive, and they actually have previously worked together to create such products as a special edition red Mac Pro and a similar Lieca M camera. Jony Ive said the following in a recent story published on the Vanity Fair website:

    "Marc is without question one of the most influential designers of this generation. He is extraordinarily talented. We are particularly excited to formalize our collaboration as we enjoy working together so much and have found our partnership so effective.”

    Newson himself added the following:

    "My close friendship with Jony has not only given me a unique insight into that process, but the opportunity to work together with him and the people that have been responsible. I am enormously proud to join them.”

    The industrial designer has had his work archived by MoMA, and has been commissioned by Ford, Nike, and Qantas Airways, among others.

    The designer has previously claimed that he “pre-dated the trend for large watches by about a decade” and has created several concepts and designs for watches of his own. So, could this be the reason why Apple has decided to take him on board? We will soon find out!

    Source: VF

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