Report Claims Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction Outpaces the original iPhone, iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jul 20, 2015.

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    apple watch satisfaction.jpg

    According to a fresh report coming from Wristly, the largest independent Apple Watch research platform, it seems that the vast majority of Apple Watch owners are very happy with their device. Even so that overall customer satisfaction are allegedly above the levels recorded for the iPhone and iPad when they launched.

    Wristly surveyed more than 800 Apple Watch owners and discovered that 31 percent were "somewhat satisfied" while 66 percent were "very satisfied/delighted." For comparison, around 91 percent of iPad buyers and 92 percent of those who bough the first-generation iPhones were satisfied with their purchase.

    73 percent of survey respondents who do not work in technology said that they are "very satisfied." The situation changes with "tech insiders" with a 63 percent and 43 percent for developers. 73 percent of the respondents believe that the device is worth what it costs, 14 percent think the Apple Watch is worth more, while 12 percent rated it a poor value.

    Apple is yet to come up with some official stats on Apple Watch sales, which could happen during the company's Tuesday afternoon earnings call.

    Source: Wristly
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    Given that the satisfaction surveys were taken by two different companies, using different groups of people, and quite probably different methods, I'm not sure the number mean much in terms of ranking. Especially when they are all within a few percentage points of each other.
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    Of course it has higher satisfaction. The buyers already believe they want it. There's less experimental purchase involved.

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