Rent an iPad for $8.40 per flight on Jetstar (Australia)

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By col.bris on Jun 4, 2010 at 4:52 PM
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    From "The Australian" newspaper

    In-flight entertainment can be inconsistent. Some airlines allow on-demand shows and movies, trivia and interactivity, and other offer little by way of cheap headphones and a soda. Airlines differ on the importance of entertainment, but none have gone as far as Jetstar. The Australian low-cost carrier and sister airline to Qantas has announced testing for iPads on its planes.
    The tests will allow passengers to rent an iPad for $8.40. While internet surfing will be disabled, other features like books, movies, magazines, games and music will be allowed.
    Apple’ iPads have sold out in countries all over the world, both for the*original model and for the 3G version as well. Travelers tout the benefits of using them on planes because they are lightweight, breeze through security and offer an extensive way to either work or explore online media in the air.
    The iPads will be available for testing for a two-week period of time, and will operate on domestic flights less than one hour. Each aircraft will have access to 30 iPads, and the testing will occur later this month.
    So far, the demand for the iPad has been so great, that the initiative seems promising. Stay tuned to Cheapflights’ News and Views to hear how the testing goes.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by col.bris, Jun 4, 2010.

    1. Bremen
      Interesting idea, and I can see it being at least somewhat successful........
    2. ArthurIhde
      it sounds a great idea
    3. Wakawaka
      Offer $10 with web surfing and you got it!

      They probably disable web because not all planes have Internet access as of yet
    4. bestfreeipad
      That is amazing to rent an ipad :)

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