Remember 3 years ago??

Discussion in 'iPad 1 Forum' started by Finnedog, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Remember 3 years ago the big stink about what a poor name the iPad was and how it was such a ridiculous name that only a few fan boys would ever buy one?

    The other thing I remember is the concern about the battery and the fact that it would have to be sent back to Apple to replace the battery.

    Well I still have my original iPad and the battery is still going strong so I was wondering how many people have had problems with their original iPad's battery in the last 3 years??
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    Not many judging from the number of people who use them here. I think someone worked out that the battery will still have 80% of its original capacity after 5 years, so we haven't reached the point yet where battery failure will be a concern.

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