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Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by N_Stewart, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Hi, I am new to the iPad Forums. My new game Super Gem Thief was released on the App Store today. Please search for the game and PM me if you would like a promo code. I am new here, so I am unable to post links for now. :)

    I previously published multiple PC game titles as co-owner of Truwitz, Inc. - Super Gem Miner, Dragon Eggs, Star Cluster (Partagus Cluster), etc. I am working on some new gameplay trailers that I will post to the website this week.

    In Super Gem Thief, the player will collect gems in maze-like dungeons while avoiding goblins. Once all of the gems on a level are collected, a portal opens, which the player must search for in order to get to the next level. All of this must be accomplished while a timer ticks down the seconds left to accomplish the task. The game features full 3D graphics and a two thumbstick control system similar to the Xbox 360 or PS3.


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