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Discussion in 'UK iPad Forum' started by Colbass, Nov 4, 2015.

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    Hi folks,
    I purchased a refurbished iPad from the Apple Store earlier this year. All seemed sweet and I was pleased I'd saved a nice bit of cash. Lo and behold a month ago I ran into operational problems, constantly being thrown out of apps, run slow and freezing etc. I went though the tests with Apple support up to the point where I was sent a box to return the iPad for inspection & repair. I contacted them today having given them 2 weeks and was told that the iPad had a non Apple display and they wouldn't touch it, it was already on its way back to me.
    What on earth is going on?? I spoke to the support manager who was very helpful but all he could do was ask me to send it back once I've received it. I haven't had any previous issues with the tablet and I'm totally stumped by what's going on.
    Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Any thoughts on what's happened would be very helpful.
    Best wishes.
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    Sounds like some kind of mix up. I'm glad they asked you to send it back to them again.

    If for some reason the iPad does have a non-Apple display that would suggest that it's been repaired by a third party somewhere along the way. That should not have happened to an iPad sold as refurbished from the Apple Store; so make sure you have your receipt and serial number handy. They can probably check the iPad's history themselves, but it won't hurt to be able to supply them with that info if asked.

    If it does end up under contention, they are probably going to claim the iPad was repaired by a third party after purchase. I wouldn't expect them too. Not unless they find obvious evidence to that effect.

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