RECYCLE BIN on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad With 'Android Delete' Cydia Tweak

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    [ame=]RECYCLE BIN For iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad With Android - YouTube[/ame]​

    Android Delete is a tweak that will give you the ability to delete your apps like you would on Android. It is very similar to Mac OS and Windows 'Trash' and 'Recycle Bins' except with animation! Once you download and install the tweak, tap & hold one of you icons to go into Jiggle mode, and your dock will slowly sink. By sink we mean disappear into the abyss at the bottom of your iDevice and a trashcan icon will replace it. With this you can drag your Jiggling apps to delete them instead of aiming for that tiny "(X)" in the corner. After you tap the home button, the dock will again and everything will be back to the norm. Android Delete is $1.49 in the Cydia Store.

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