Record your bright idea's with K.I.S.S Guide

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    "K.I.S.S. Guide" is unique because it lets the user build their very own library of life-hacks.

    This means that the content of this App grows every time the user makes a new entry.

    In a sense, this App is like an alphabetized-notepad with the purpose of making life a bit easier and recording bright ideas.

    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD="class: alt2"] Record Your Bright ideas with K.I.S.S. Guide App By Your iPhone.[/TD]

    Collection of distilled-knowledge, life-hacks and tips which make life easier and simpler.

    You can make your own entries and add them to your personal library which is built into the App.

    This collection contains more than 290 entries and they are alphabetically organized with a search function.


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