‘Reckless Racing 3′ Sequel Coming this Fall to your iPad

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    Reckless Racing 2 is a very popular racing game for mobile gamers, and it's especially loved by iPad players for its unique gameplay. But if you have finished the game and are looking forward to the sequel, then there's some great news!

    Pixelbite, the developer of the game, has just announced that Reckless Racing 3 is in the works and will be landing on iOS and Android devices this fall. However, at the moment, an exact release date hasn't been set, but we will be keeping an eye and will update once we get more details.

    The original Reckless Racing game first debuted in the App Store in 2010 and has become appreciated for beautiful visuals and A+ soundtracks, which has led the developer into making another hit game. Right now we only have the very early artwork and the official announcement:

    Source: Pixelbite

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