Recent iPad Customers to Get $100/£100 Refund

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 3, 2011.

By Maura on Mar 3, 2011 at 1:43 PM
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    [​IMG] reports today that anyone who only just bought an iPad and is a bit peeved that Apple has just a) released a brand new iPad 2 for the same price, and b) reduced the price of the old iPads by $100/£100 will be able to get the difference refunded by Apple, but only if you’re still within the 14-day returns period, and provided you have your original receipt, of course. According to, Apple’s sales team has promised them that the $100/£100 difference will be refunded without any quibble, provided you fulfil all the above criteria.

    As notes, although some people will probably still complain about this and say that the 14-day period of grace should be extended, the question is, how long should, or could, Apple extend the cut-off period for refunds before it gets ridiculous? Many other companies would just say “tough luckâ€, and Apple doesn’t really have any legal obligation to refund the money I wouldn’t have thought, it’s just good customer relations really.

    Source: iPad price drop: Apple will refund the difference | Electricpig


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 3, 2011.

    1. VampiressRN
      Bummer...I bought mine on 1/31/11 so missed by about 2 1/2 weeks. :(
    2. bobmielke
      I received my iPad on 02/24/11 so I just emailed B&H Camera, who is already selling the original iPad for $399. I simply asked if they intended to adjust the amount I paid for mine just a week earlier. I'm awaiting their response.

      I simply love my iPad. It's kind of ironic because I spent a lot of time putting down the device since it's release, claiming it wasn't a computer and was overpriced for what it offered. I was wrong. It's so versatile, light and has such a long battery life that I carry it everywhere. It has become my personal assistant, providing information, my library, my music collection &my photo collection.
    3. nickora
      this isnt as nice as it has been portrayed, if you fell into that 14 day money back garauntee category wouldnt you take your ipad back for a full refund and then hand over the exact same cash and walk out with the ipad 2 instead?
    4. ragdollmomof2
      I bought a refurbished 32gb ipad on Feb. 12. I was already pleased with my deal, but it got even better yesterday when I got another 70.00 back from Apple! I'm happy!
    5. bobmielke
      Not me. I was aware the new iPad 2 was due soon so I figure a deal is a deal. I do appreciate the rebate however.
    6. iPadOhana
      You could if you wanted to but would still have to possibly wait in the launch line...For me the refund was what I wanted and I gambled hoping I would fall in the grace period...Damn, I should buy a Lotto ticket, cause luck never falls my way... :D
    7. sanjithks
      iPad availability

      Will iPad 2 be available in Singapore? In Hong Kong, it is available online.. Just ordered from a website there,
    8. jimb78645
      Qualify for the Rebate but Verizon not playing

      Well, I just bought my first I-phone and switched from Blackberry (Verizon customer) after many years. It really is the best - loved it so much that on Feb 18th I bought an Ipad. Damn if they didn't drop in price within 2 weeks of my purchase!

      Oh wait - that's okay because Apple is going to give me a $100 rebate because of my timing....WRONG....not if you bought it at Verizon! They are not playing and don't know anything about a $100 rebate. :mad:
    9. rich20vt
      I was awear the new ipad was coming out so i waited

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