Receiving only some messages on Ipad Air - but all on PC Outlook...

Discussion in 'iPad Air Forum' started by landroverphile, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    Virgin post!

    My Ipad Air is terrific. I am a convert from an Iconia (Android) so still getting used to the differences. The native email client works well, but I am not receiving a weekly email that I get on every other device - including my Android phone. If I forward these emails from my PC to my IPAD they arrive, but not otherwise...and they are not in trash/junk. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    Its a 128gb Wifi and 4G item ( wearing a Griffin Survivor case after a light tap on the screen to arrest it falling down the side of a latex matress smashed the digitiser - it feels way less solid than my Iconia which my kids use and has been dropped many time - the Ipad has never been dropped. Had the digitizer replaced after the 'Genius' bar wanted to replace the whole thing for $500!!! - one week old and they didnt want to hear my protestations about it being a light tap to arrest its fall, and that as a business machine I would have expected something a little more robust! Anyway thats might rant. Otherwise I love it.).

    Cheers and thanks

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