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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by amicipat, Jun 25, 2012.

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    :eek: OK, very senior moment, I have, i pad 2, i phone 4s and Windows 7 computer with latest i tunes.

    I want to regularly sync all these together, but in which order, if I have deleted an app on 1, but it is still 'live' on another which gadget will win? if you see what I mean! I want to sync my 'syncy notes' app. but which will win the one synced first, - ok getting confused now, but hopefully you can see what I mean, at the moment it just seems a never ending cycle of syncing:eek::eek:
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    With the exception of a few apps, the apps that are the same across your devices do not sync - they are specific only to that device. For example, if you have the game Angry Birds on your phone and iPad, you will have two different games going. You cannot transfer that data over.

    Some apps are designed to sync or have a cloud server from which the app loads. The Notes app is one that does sync (if you elect to do so in the Settings app on your iDevice). This syncing is automatic, in that once you've updated the note on the iDevice, the next time you access it on the other device, it will be updated. No further actions are required by you.

    You can set up so that you don't get apps and books automatically downloaded to every device. That option, too, is in the Settings app (under Store).

    So, you actually have a lot of control on how the two devices interact with each other. I he some of this clarifies things a bit. Holler back if anything I've said prompts more questions.


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