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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Doublegood, Nov 16, 2010.

By Doublegood on Nov 16, 2010 at 5:04 PM
  1. Doublegood

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    Nov 16, 2010
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    Good news! Just received this response from Overdrive Media today re: DRM protected epub and PDF books. Be sure to follow the link to the video.


    Thank you for your interest in OverDrive!

    The Apple iPad runs a version of the iPhone OS so it has the same
    compatibility with our formats as the iPhone. Both MP3 and WMA
    Audiobooks may be transferred to the device using OverDrive Media
    Console for Windows. MP3 titles can also be transferred to the iPad
    using OverDrive Media Console for Mac as well. Also, MP3 Audiobooks may be downloaded directly to the iPad if using it with OverDrive Media
    Console for iPhone.

    At this time, the iPad does not currently support the DRM protected
    eBook formats (Adobe PDF, Adobe EPUB, Mobipocket) provided by
    OverDrive. We are working on an app that will be released in the near future. Beginning in December 2010, you will be able to enjoy eBooks and audiobooks on the iPhone in a single app! iPad & Android apps also coming soon.

    To learn more about the app, you can read about it and/or view a video by going to the Sneak Preview: OverDrive eBook app for iPhone article on the OverDrive Digital Library Blog:

    (I can't post the link because I'm new here) so ....go to Digital Library Blog, Overdrive Sneak Preview, Overdrive eBook app for iphone

    The discussion following the video states that this will be a free APP, the book will download directly to the iPad, and there will be no need for Adobe Digital Editions.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Doublegood, Nov 16, 2010.

    1. iPadCharlie
      Well its about time! My wife is a library branch manager in a fairly large system and she was appalled that millions of Apple mobile device users were being shut out. Obviously people like you and me and a few thousand other people put enough pressure on OverDrive (who was sold a bill of goods from Adobe when they agreed to use Adobe Digital Editions) to get them to consider alternatives!

      You can't put up the link, but I sure can!

      Digital Library Blog | OverDrive Sneak Preview: OverDrive eBook app for iPhone
    2. mkohler
      You can read Adobe DRM protected epub books now by using Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, and Bluefire Reader on your IPad. You download the epub book from you library using Adobe Digital Editions (Windows or Mac). Then, using ITunes, transfer the book to your IPad by clicking on Bluefire in the File Sharing panel. The Bluefire homepage has much better instructions, but this is just a quick overview. I do not work for Adobe or Bluefire. I am just really happy I can finally read library books on my IPad. When Overdrive comes out with an app that allows you to download the books directly to your IPad, that will be even better.
    3. iPadCharlie
      But will the books still "expire" and becoming unreadable at the end of the loan period?
    4. mkohler
      Good question. I will let you know in 16 more days. Books are loaned out for 21 days, and I requested them 5 days ago. I am also curious what happens if I return a book early. I should finish my first book tonight/this morning.
    5. iPadCharlie
      I know with the "normal" OverDrive system, you can return books early so I would except (hope?) the same functionality is built into the app.
    6. Doublegood
      Mike. I did it and it works. You DA MAN. Like you, I'll download the Overdrive APP when it's released, but this makes my day. Thanks very much.

    7. iPadCharlie
      And yes, books do become "unreadable" after the expiration date so you have to delete them from your iPad when you are finished reading them to save room.
    8. Jglandau
      TXTR app allows access to Sony ePub with Adobe DRM

      Install the TXTR app in the iPad.

      Open the TXTR app and register the iPad as an approved device with Adobe via the TXTR settings.

      Log in to your account at on the computer that has your Sony ePub files with Adobe DRM.

      Upload the Sony ePub files to your TXTR account from your computr.

      Refresh your library in the TXTR app on the iPad.

      Your Sony ePub files with Adobe DRM will now be on your iPad and can be read with the TXTR app.
    9. Russell578
      I'm new to iPad book reading but would like to learn more. In simple terms, what does this mean and what advantages does it provide? Thanks

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