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    Hi everyone, I'm trying to tunnel using a jailbroken iOS to a remote PC through a combination of iSSH/Backgrounder/Wyse PocketCloud RDP and was curious if anybody has similar experiences or can offer an opinion on its feasibility. From what I can discern from my SSH server log (Windows 7), I'm pretty sure that the RDP client (iOS) does go through the tunnel connection, but after a period of waiting it pops a "could not connect to server" error. I would really appreciate it if someone could shed an insight on whether this is the result of incorrect setting or an inherent impossibility. Thanks very much! (update) Just thought I'd confirm that it does indeed work! It didn't occur to me that the default destination port needs to be used on the client if entering via tunnel. (update #2) Huh, apparently that wasn't it because I'm able to change it to a different port now. Strange, but anyway, it works.
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