RAVPower iSmart Triple USB Port Car Charger review

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    The iSmart RP-CC03 Car Charger from RAVPower is a triple port, 36w /7.2A USB charger designed for the more power hungry of mobile gadgets we use these days. Measuring in at 82 × 37 × 21mm, it's very small considering there are three USB ports at your disposal. This is finished in a smooth, black plastic that actually feels velvety to the touch.

    The iSmart in the name alludes to the fact this unit will supply the power required by your device up to 2.4A to ensure it charges as quickly as possible. It also claims to do this for three devices at the same time with no impact on each other and this certainly appears to be the case with my testing - an iPhone and iPad Air 2 & iPad mini all charged as quick as I would expect if they were charging on their own.

    Circuitry also promises to avoid over charging or heating and this is reassuring. I have a small, cheaper, single port charger that delivers less power but also gets noticeably warm during use. The iSmart performed its tasks while remaining completely cool to the touch at all times.
    Build quality feels very solid and I am more than happy to use this as my go to charger when in the car, especially at such a low price point.


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