RadioPad for the iPad - listen to over 10,000 streaming Shoutcast Radio Station

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    ActionRadio for iPad (Music)

    [​IMG] ActionRadio for iPad 1.0

    Category: Music
    Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

    [​IMG] Description:

    With RadioPad for the iPad you can listen to over 10,000 streaming Shoutcast Radio Stations over the internet for FREE.

    But wait, That's not all! while listening to your favorite station, you can also see available clips matching the current song playing on that station.
    Just scroll the cover flow thumbnails view and click the video you want to play.

    * The Radio will stop while the clip you selected will start playing (without quiting the application).

    You can also mark any Radio Station as favorite and add it to your Favorites list and quickly access it by clicking the Favorite button on the bottom.

    Another iPad App I recommend you check out while it is free. This looks like a winner on the iPad. It would make a good background app this fall.
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    Shoutcast on iPad and iPhone without App

    You can now listen to the entire shoutcast list of over 50,000 radio stations without an app. With your browser just visit NOTE: using HTML5 player only !!!!!

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