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Discussion in 'iPad Reviews' started by fizzyftw, Nov 13, 2010.

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    For the past couple months I was debating whether or not I should get an ipad. I already have an iPhone 4 (which I love) and to me the iPad just seemed like an oversized iPod touch.

    Yesterday I finally decided to buy one at my local best buy. They had a limited selection of cases so I ended up with the Griffin Elan Passport case (not too bad) and I put a zag invisishield on it. The invisishield was pretty hard for me to put on and I ended up with numerous bubbles in the screen (probably going to try again tonight).

    The first thing I did with my iPad was jailbreak it (backgrounder, installous, tab+, etc). I really do enjoy the feel of the iPad. In my opinion, its a little bit on the heavy side, but it doesnt really bother me. I thought I would have trouble typing on it, but in landscape mode it really isnt too bad. I primarily use my iPad for browsing the web, playing games, netflix, and talking with friends. I have a gaming laptop which weighs around 9lbs and its nice not having to bring the laptop in my bed to check something out on the internet real quick when I can just grab my iPad.

    Whenever im out on the go, I use my iPhone 4 to tether to my iPad (only if there isnt a wifi spot available).

    The battery life is amazing. I used it ALL day yesterday and at the moment im still at about 40% battery life.

    I use an app called Goodreader to read my PDF's, and penultimate to take notes when I go to school

    Overall, I really enjoy it so far. I understood the limitations it has before buying it (lack of flash, etc) but that really doesnt affect me. Its all about how YOU are going to use the iPad.

    Some of my favorite iPad apps at the moment are

    Flipboard (amazing news stream portal app)
    Aweditorium (good for discovering new music)
    IM+ (I can use my facebook, myspace, hotmail chat all in one application)
    ESPN Scorecenter XL
    Angry Birds HD, Fruit Ninja HD


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