[Puzzle game] Torrpenn's 3-Pack : Can you outsmart the pixies ?

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    Torrpenn's 3-Pack Puzzles : Can you outsmart the pixies ?
    A 3in1 puzzle game with more than 60 levels

    Rennes - France, Sept.20, 2011. Independent game studio Korrisoft announced today that its puzzle game "Torrpenn's 3-pack puzzles" have been released through the AppStore.
    Torrpenn's 3-Pack Puzzles is an addictive pack of three eye-catching graphics puzzle games where players will have to combine logic, skill and speed to go through the 66 levels.

    Compatible with GameCenter, you can compare your progress with your friends (and share your scores on Facebook). You can replay the level as often as you desire to beat your time and score.


    * 3 different addictive puzzle games and more than 60 levels
    * Simple to pick up and play with an increasing difficulty�
    * Universal iOS Application (iPhone & iPad)
    * Game Center (Achievements & Leaderboards) support
    * Scores sharing on Facebook
    * Retina Display support

    Developper : Korrisoft
    Price: 0.99 $
    AppStore: App Store - Torrpenn's 3-Pack Puzzles

    Youtube Trailer : Torrpenn's 3-Pack puzzles (iPhone & iPad game) - YouTube


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