"Puzzle Bubble HD" is now only 99 cents!

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    The iPad app "Puzzle Bubble HD" is now on sale at 99 cents! (Normally $2.99)

    Tilting, rolling, jigsaw puzzle solving island themed fun! Unique gameplay never before seen in a jigsaw puzzle game. A JIGSAW PUZZLE has washed ashore on your little island... but all the pieces are still floating in the eight local lagoons! - HOLD YOUR IPAD FLAT and TILT it to move your BUBBLE around! - TAP a lagoon to zoom there, then tap to return to "birds eye" view. - Use your BUBBLE to grab puzzle pieces and carry then back to the puzzle board and to drop them in place! ...but watch out for cranky sea urchins! (They may pop you and send your piece flying to another lagoon!) How fast can you tap, roll and solve the jigsaw puzzle? SOLVE the jigsaw puzzle to see your time, then save a BRAG IMAGE you can email or text to your friends to challenge them to beat your time! Each level has more pieces, a tougher puzzle, and a new ocean themed image!

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