Put yourself in the game, with “Ultimate Charades†on iPad

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    “Ultimate Charades with Customisation†is the colourful new party game app that lets you make it your very own. Now you can put the things that matter to your family or friends right in the game!

    Most charades games come with a fixed set of suggestions, and “Ultimate Charades†has over 2000 of them for you, but uniquely it can also be customised to add your own favourite people, movies or things and remove any that aren’t familiar. No longer do you have to play a game filled with TV Shows or celebrities that aren’t relevant to you and your friends.

    You could even change the game to one with suggestions themed entirely around your favourite artist, or linked to certain Teen Wizard or Vampire Love series, or whatever else you are passionate about.

    Ultimate Charades puts you in control of the one of the all time classic party games in a way you really haven't been able to before on iPhone. Now you can make it your own.

    Ultimate Charades is available now on the App Store as a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

    For more information see solubleapps.com/charades
    ITunes link:itunes.apple.com/app/id428488693


    About Soluble Applications:

    Soluble Applications is a development studio targeting mobile devices. The studio was founded in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2010 by Peter Johnson, a games industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience as Programmer, Producer and Studio Head working on console titles for world-leading games publishers including 2K Games, Atari and Ubisoft.

    Soluble are the developers of the groundbreaking “MailShot†app that builds group email right into your iPad address book.

    Contact: Peter Johnson

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