Proview Could Threaten Worldwide iPad Supply

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    A rather worrying report today on MacRumors regarding a trademark dispute between Apple and Chinese company Proview. News of the dispute first surfaced this past Sunday, when MacRumors reported that Chinese authorities had started to seize iPad stock from some retailers in China due to the fact that Proview said that Apple had infringed a disputed iPad trademark. Apple apparently says that it bought the rights to the trademark a while ago, but Proview, who originally owned the trademark, and the Chinese courts are disputing this. MacRumors says that according to a new report on Bloomberg today, it now appears that the dispute could have a wider impact on Apple, as Proview intends to ask Chinese customs officers to block imports and exports of the iPad. If this goes ahead, it could have major repercussions on the worldwide supply of iPads, as the iPad is currently made in China. MacRumors quotes a Chinese legal expert who says that if Proview manages to achieve this ban, it would be “catastrophic†for Apple. The question now is, will Apple move to settle the dispute in the face of this added pressure, especially with the launch of the next iPad coming in March, or will it call Proview’s bluff?[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Source: Proview Seeking to Cut Off Apple's Worldwide Supply of iPads - Mac Rumors[/FONT]

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