Prototype iPad Stolen from Cupertino Home During Robbery and Kidnapping

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Back in 2013, the internet was at awe when folks got their first glimpse at the unreleased iPhone 4, when a prototype was stolen from a bar, and leaked on the internet. Since then, Apple has tightened the screws on the security of prototypes and the internet has yet to see such a major leak again.

    On Wednesday, Mercury News reports that a prototype iPad was stolen during a robbery of a home in Cupertino. But wait, it gets a little crazier...

    Not only was the prototype iPad stolen, but also other electronic devices, prescription drugs, and cash valued at $7,500 were acquired. If that's not enough, the 20-year old male victim of the robbery was kidnapped, driven three-quarters of a mile away from the home, then released after unwillingly being forced into the car.

    The man is said the be okay and safe after the incident, while two felons have already been caught and accused of robbing and kidnapping. Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office only disclosed that the iPad was a prototype, so we won't know if it was an older device or one that has yet to be released.

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