Propeller Dog Pro – Let's Fly, Aim High

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    Some iPhone games today have an entertaining lifespan of about two weeks. It might really be addicting at first, but pretty soon, you will lose interest after you have conquered every single achievement in game. But with Propeller Dog Pro, that is so far from happening.

    Propeller Dog is a casual, fuss-free game that will get you hooked the instant you play it. The goal is simple – fly as far as you can before you empty your fuel tank and without hitting the Evil Squirrels on the way. Those nasty rodents can be so tricky, they will come up to you from all directions so you have to keep your wits with you. You can also upgrade your aircraft, equip it with turbo boosters or water balloon guns or change it into more impressive models.

    FunGuy Studio seems to have the formula for addicting games because with each update, Propeller Dog becomes more and more difficult to put down. Their latest update includes several new aircraft for Propeller Dog to fly. Changing your aircraft can also change some game dynamics. For instance, using the dragon allows you to breathe fire and toast the squirrels, while using a Concorde plane will make Propeller Dog fly at supersonic speed. It is like playing a new game every time you change your aircraft.

    Propeller Dog is the ultimate boredom buster. Tapping the fly again button is just so irresistible and you would not notice the hours you spend playing it. With each update, Propeller Dog keeps on getting more exciting. I am already looking forward on what the next update will bring.


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