Programming ipad for small hotel guest use.

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    I'm new to the site. I have purchased 20 ipads for my guests to use at my small hotel. I am trying to add documents like driving itineraries, my dinner menu, extensive wine list etc. I know how to add documents via pages/iphoto and keynote but If possible I would like these documents to be easier to find on the homepage - more like an app button. Any ideas on programming this? I should mention I use a Macbook.
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    If you have wireless throughout your establishment, and you have a web site, then this would be the easiest way.

    Set up you documents/info as a web site pages. Then use Safari to visit those sites. Visit each page you want instant access to, tap the icon just to the left of the URL bar in Safari, choose Add to Home Screen, and it will create an icon and add it to one of the main screens. That icon is a shortcut to the webpage. Each time you tap it, it will open Safari and go that page.

    You can treat each of these icons just like you do regular app icons, moving them around or storing them in folders.

    The down side is that you can not control what the icons look like. Safari generates them from the website, and they seldom look like anything but shrunk down webpages.

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