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    I've downloaded Rush Player+ from Cydia now, straight after jailbreaking my new ipad 3. I also paid for the license key on the dev side, received it and (at least I think so) managed to enter it. Now I followed the instructions in this thread: where mickey330 kindly explains how movies should be copied to the ipad via ifunbox. I did exactly as described and copied a few .mkv-s to var/mobile/Documents. When I open Rush Player+ and try to open a movie, it starts loading briefly and then sends me back to the springboard. What am I doing wrong here?

    Thank you very much for any answers, it is really appreciated since the biggest reason I went for the jailbreak, besides some tweaks, was Rush Player + :(

    E: Update, I copied them to that AirFair folder or w/e its name is and they are playing. I am not able to load subtitles though. Is it possible to load Cyrillic subtitles in Rush Player+?
    E2: So I guess it is a matter of subtitles format. I guess .srt is not supported, does anyone know which formats are supported?
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