Problem with downloading/saving vids on ipad2 (NOT converting)

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Avras, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Hello everyone.

    My first time posting here although I have been searching and reading as a non-member, so it's nice to be a part of your community and I hope some of you will be able to help me, and why not in the future, maybe even I can help
    someone else.

    I could really use any help here so for those of you who are bored to read the whole story just scroll down to the end of the post where the actual question is summarised : )

    So let me get started with the whole story, that will be kinda copied and pasted here and there to each and every thread ( I hope there won't be many : ) ) that causes all my problems. I purchased an ipad2 with the hope that I would be able to replace the good old (to me at least) concept of the lap top. So far I have totally failed. I am not a high-tech guy, I am not really interested in spending hundreds of hours in trying to change my microsoft mentality into an apple mentality and totally reject the few things that i've learned over the past years about how computers work (although i am 25 i am not really interested in computer technology so i just care about the basic stuff) so i guess i'll have to live somewhere in the middle of both of these 2 mentalities.

    In this particualar case my problem seems to be the following. I am a member at a website where I can (well at least with my pc) download videos. The website supports ipad. I can access and surf the website, but when i click on "download the video" (it also has an option for just viewing a streaming version of the video) quicktime opens in the safari window and starts playing the video. I touch the screen with one finger, with 2 fingers, with 3 fngers lol, but nothing happens. No option for actually downloading the video and somehow saving it on the ipad for offline viewing and maybe for even trasferring it to another device or my pc later on etc. No option to "keep" the vid whatsoever. Just streaming it.

    Is that normal? Is the ipad incapable of saving/downloading videos? (if the format is important let me mention that it is a mov file)

    So to summarize: Is the ipad incapable of downloading/saving/somehow keeping videos from a website that you are a member and you normally can download vids using a pc or a lap top or am i doing something wrong and if that is the case what is my mistake?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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