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Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by beavery, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Ok here goes, I am a total noob to this jb thing, so when comex reopened jbme earlier today I proceeded to jb my iPad. I already had some experience with Cydia as I had jbn my i4 with RedSn0w(?) on the previous night.

    On the iPhone I have been using the 'continue queuing' Orion with no problems unless I click cancel and had to start again.

    On my iPad however, my queue keeps randomly blanking out. This has happened sooo many times now I am getting frustrated.

    Is there any way to avoid this, besides going install and confirm for every single tweet/upgrade/etc I wish to install.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance given :)

    EDIT: I'm reading elsewhere that Cydia is having issues with downloads, probably due to high volume users. Could this be what I am experiencing?
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    It may be that Cydia is just having it rough right now - it's probably getting hammered with all the new jail breakers out there.

    So, my suggestion is, wait 'til later, when it's not so congested (yeah, right! :D), or just queue a couple at a time. Yeah, it's a pain, but I think that's the price to pay with accessing a VERY popular site right now.

    Good luck.


    P.S. But yes, Cydia usually lets you queue lots of stuff (though I've had stuff UNqueue before). If this persists after a while (days ... weeks ... when the frenzy has died down), please re-post about it. Thanks.
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    Sep 11, 2010
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    Yes, I can confirm queueing too much is not wise on a day when a new JB method is released. Just go one or two at a time for a few days...

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