Printing from a printer via Ethernet connectionrver via Ethernet connection

Discussion in 'iPad Pro Forum' started by Kinodad, May 14, 2018.

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    I have a Ipadpro 12.9. I have connected it to my office server via Ethernet connection.Works great. I need it to recognize the printer that is connected to the server via an Ethernet connect in another part of the office. How does one accomplish this?
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    O’Printer would probably be the easiest solution.
    O'Print-Airprint Activator for Windows,print from ipad,print from iphone

    If you are using Macs, then Printopia.
    Printopia - Print from your iPad or iPhone - Decisive Tactics, Inc.

    As long as the computer it is installed on can access the printer, then it can be shared via AirPrint. I used to use Printopia on my iMac, when the iMac was still my main computer. Worked great.

    Needless to say, the computer must be on and logged into; so the software can run.

    For a hardware solution, you can try an XPrintServer by Lantronix. Not cheap, but if it’s a solution for the whole office, and you have multiple printers this may be the best. Be sure your printer(s) is on the list of supported printers before purchase.

    Note: As a bonus, both O’Printer and Printopia can print to a folder as PDF (JPG for images). Kind of a virtual printer. At least they could the last time I checked the feature lists.

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