Position your iPad on any surface with the iProp stand

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    Tired of your iPad gliding away from the surface you have placed it on? Well, we have a simple solution for you that guaranties something like that will never happen again. Meet the iProp. At first glance, it might not look like much, but the reality is that it can do a lot for your tablet. The iPad stand is brought to you by Dockem and amazes with its versatility.

    The iProp does not feature any hands or handles that keep the iPad into place, but rather it is more of a stand that allows the tablet to rest on it. The base of the iProp is a durable sports mash which is made of polyester, so if you place the iPad on your legs, for instance, you can be sure the skin will breathe through it.

    The base will also form along your legs allowing you to watch a movie comfortably in bed. To keep the iPad always in in place, use the base in concert with its high-grade silicone shelf. And there’s one more tweak to this invention. While you use the equipment to hold your tablet, you can use the outer covering as a comfortable portable pillow.

    The iProp is perfect for being on the go. Now you can prop your tablet in the airport, in a café bar and of course at home in bed. The iProp is available for purchase on the official site and costs $29.95. It’s also available in the black and silver colors.

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